Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Australia and New Zealand practice amphibious landings...should the Aussies have gone with an LPD instead of the Canberra Class?

Interesting.  Aussie and New Zealand troops are practicing ADMINISTRATIVE LANDINGS.

My question.

Why is the Marine Corps bothering with interoperability when both organizations have stated that they will not participate in amphibious assault and/or forcible entry?  Let me state that more clearly.  They will not deploy forces capable of performing amphibious assault and/or forcible entry.

Can someone answer a question.

If the Aussies aren't gonna do amphibious assault, develop a Marine Corps and will not use the Canberra Class LHD as an assault ship/helo carrier and if the reasoning behind all that is that their forces are too small (a valid explanation), then why did they buy this capability in the first place?

Seems like a couple of modern LPDs to transport their forces along with some helicopters would have been a more sensible buy...something like the Landing Dock Platform 13000 (below).

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