Friday, July 14, 2017

Blast from the recent past. Dr. Holmes and Capt Fanell warn about China...

First.  Start watching the vid at around the 11:30 mark.  That's when Dr. Holmes starts the "real" portion of the talk.  Capt Fanell kicks it up a notch at around the 19:00 mark.

Capt Fanell was basically kicked out of the United States Navy for telling the truth.  Consider that!

But watch the video.  This was a warning given about 3 years ago and things haven't improved.  By every available metric the Chinese have closed the gap since then.

Unless we reorient from chasing terrorists in the Middle East and building our forces to fight them, then we will get a rude awakening when the first Chinese IFV crests the hill with guns blazing.

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