Thursday, July 27, 2017

China blames India for border standoff

via South China Morning Post.
China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi has blamed India for sparking a border standoff in the Himalayas by deploying its troops in Chinese territory and called on them to withdraw.

Wang is the most senior Chinese government official to comment on the tensions on the border near Bhutan as the stand-off enters its second month.
Wang said there was little dispute over the facts about what had happened on the border, weighing in on the worst border row between China and India in decades.

“The rights and wrongs are crystal clear and even senior Indian officials have openly stated that Chinese troops did not enter into the Indian boundary, which is to say, India has admitted it crossed into the Chinese territory,” Wang was quoted as saying in a foreign ministry statement published on Tuesday.
Story here. 

Yeah.  Nothing to see here.  Just that the Chinese and Indians are squaring off about a mile up and no one is noticing.  I mean what could go wrong?  You have a couple of battalions of troops on both sides bored stiff, spoiling for a fight and indoctrinated with the belief that they should destroy their enemies? They were both raised on stories of the last skirmish and want to get their licks in?

No way two patrols could collide and a whole shit storm kicks off right?

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