Thursday, July 27, 2017

Conditioning of the American public for possible war with N. Korea continues...

via Free Beacon.
North Korea's recent test of an intercontinental ballistic missile has increased the danger the country's leader Kim Jong Un will be able to strike the United States sooner than expected, the commander of U.S. Forces Korea said on Wednesday.

Commenting on reports that the July 4 test of what the military is calling a KN-20 missile moved up estimates of the timeline for fielding a reliable long-range nuclear missile, Army Gen. Vincent Brooks, the commander, said in a brief interview, "We believe they have."

"It is a bit of a game changer for us," the four-star general said of the missile test that flew 1,700 miles into space and flew for 37 minutes—longer than any previous North Korean missile flight test.

A defense official said the new intelligence assessment, which was presented to Congress on Wednesday, concludes that North Korea's missile program is advancing faster than earlier estimates had predicted.

The latest assessment says the missile can reach the West Coast of the United States. Earlier estimates said the KN-20 could only reach Alaska and Hawaii.
Story here. 

Many of you don't want to believe what your eyes are showing you but its obvious if you will only see it for what it is.

The US public is being prepped, conditioned and trained to understand that war with N. Korea is not only possible, but with this latest blurb, important for national survival.

This is classic psyops stuff.

I'm really amazed that none of the intel type bloggers have picked up on this. It's almost obscene in its simplicity.  The only thing that is throwing me is how fast this has ramped up.  We heard tingles in the spring and now its almost daily.  The only thing missing is that it isn't front and center on every newscast.

War is coming boys!  They're practically shouting it.

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