Thursday, July 20, 2017

Gunner Wade has accessorized his M4 to the max...

via Soldier Systems Daily.
The weapon he is currently using features a M4A1 SOPMOD RIS II URG, Trigger: Geissele. Bolt group: Fail Zero. Suppressor: Gemtech TREK-T. He also plans to employ an HK416 14.5" URG with a Geissele rail system. So far, the optics he is working with are the Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24 and a 1-8×28 AccuPower. However, he quickly realized that he had set up the optic mount bridging both the upper receiver and rail in order to get proper eye relief with the mount he had. 
Story here. 

Wow.  So dude is running a Geissele trigger, Fail Zero bolt group, is currently sporting a Daniel Defense RIS (will follow up with a test of the Geissele system) and of course the Gemtech.  Awesome!

What do I love about all this?

All these upgrades can be performed by the individual Marine.  Additionally just the trigger alone should improve accuracy and rate of fire for a standard M4.

The one thing he's not investigating but wish that he would is the collapsible buttstock.  What's on the market worth consideration by the Marine Corps?  I have my own favorite (Magpul ACS) but many swear that the only real "combat capable" (meaning that you can smash faces with it and not worry about it breaking) is the ACE M4 SOCOM.

Regardless, follow the link to SSD and make sure you follow Gunner Wade on his facebook page.

Side note:  This is the most effective social media project I've seen produced by the military.  I'm biased but this focus on warfighting that Wade is pushing contradicts what we see on other sites.  He's keeping it simple and focused. That's why he's winning.

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