Sunday, July 16, 2017

Houthi forces crush Saudi-led offensive in northern Yemen

The Saudi-backed Hadi loyalist launched an offensive inside the Al-Jawf Governorate of northern Yemen, Saturdy, targeting the Houthi positions the Anbara Mountains near the KSA’s border.

Despite air support from Saudi jets, the Hadi loyalists were unable to make any headway in the Anbara Mountains, Saturday, as their forces ended up losing several combatants as a result of this attack.

According to Houthi media, their forces managed to destroy several armored vehicles during the massive retreat by the Hadi loyalists.

The Saudi-backed forces have repeatedly attempted to bypass the Houthi defenses in this region; however, they have failed every time.

Between this and the issue with the Qatar, Saudi Arabia is having a real bad time of it lately.

Mountains.  As bad as cities are for modern forces I believe mountains might be worse.

The Royal Marines have the right concept and we need to build on it. Mountain Leaders/Arctic Specialist are a nice start.  Every Marine Regiment should have on-call a Mountain Leader,  Jungle Expert, Urban Operations Specialist, HA/DR Coordinator etc....I imagine that's the job of the Marine Gunner but they're unicorns.  They're rumored to exist but few have seen them (well until Gunner Wade started putting up videos).

That future fight is gonna be one for the ages.  What we've seen in the desert for the last decade plus has been a sad warm up for what's coming next.

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