Wednesday, July 19, 2017

"I may be stupid, but I know when I'm being had," ...French Army Chief resigns over budget cuts!

via UPI
French military chief Gen. Pierre de Villiers resigned Wednesday after a public clash with President Emmanuel Macron over defense funding.

De Villiers, upset by $980 million in proposed defense budget cuts, said in a statement that he could no longer command an army that's "necessary to guarantee the protection of France and the French people."

At a parliamentary committee meeting last week, de Villiers said he would not allow the French armed forces to be "screwed" by budget cuts.

"I may be stupid, but I know when I'm being had," he said.

Macron responded in a meeting with military leaders on Friday that, "I am your president," and encouraged loyalty and acceptance of his directions.

De Villiers, in a later Facebook post, did not name Macron but commented, "No one deserves to be blindly followed."

Macon was criticized by some for his public dressing down of his country's chief of military staff.

De Villiers' resignation comes before France faces its first military crisis under Macron, who was elected in June.
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