Monday, July 03, 2017

J-15 carrier-borne fighters conduct training

Thanks to Gerard for the vid!

You know my views on China.

I consider them a clear and present danger.  I believe that the US will sooner rather than later find itself in a fight for national survival against the Red Dragon.

But putting that aside for a minute, let's discuss a hypothetical fight.

How does the F-35 fan club think the F-35 will hold up against the J-15?  This land based, turned naval fighter has a big AESA, comes with EW pods on its wing tips, long range IR and radar guided missiles and will operate in an environment filled with all kinds of electronic noise.

Let's assume that it goes after tanker, and AWACS.  Let's believe that it's carrying a purely defensive loadout but also carrying BRAHMOS/ZIRCON cloned anti-ship missiles to go after carriers.

Chinese naval aviation is maturing rapidly.

Is the US Navy setup to meet the challenge?  Is the F-35 the steed to ride into battle against even the J-15 much less the other Chinese fighters?

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