Friday, July 07, 2017

Marines Provide 24/7 Fire Support in Syria


These dude are as hard as woodpecker lips!  Good on them and way to carry on the tradition!  I couldn't be prouder.


This is a thrilling and somewhat worrying development.  They're already talking about "disaggregating" the MEU.  Are we headed toward a time when elements of our combined arms team are so "handpicked" that we lose the warfighting flavor of the Marine Corps?

By that I mean the crowning jewels has always been the ability to send a complete Air Ground Team to engage the enemy being ready to fight when we hit the ground.  Are we entering a time when in one case you'll see Grunts land at one location, Arty at the next, Tanks at another, and finally AAVs at the last....while aviation is also separated with fastmovers doing one mission and helos going to do another?

I just don't like where that might take us.

One thing is certain though.  Those gun bunnies did/are doing, outstanding work in challenging conditions...and that's before you factor in enemy actions!

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