Monday, July 24, 2017

MiG-35 can beat USA’s F-35, says Russia

via Financial Express (India)
MiG-35's new version is said to be Russia's most advanced and lethal 4++ generation fighter jet - and India it seems has expressed interest in it. MiG Aircraft Corporation's chief executive Ilya Tarasenko has reportedly said that the company is promoting the aircraft in India and that that latter has expressed interest in it. The new warplane is an upgraded version of the MiG-29 and has been in the works for several years now. The manufacturer claims that the Mig-35 can beat US's latest and most expensive fighter jet, the F-35! 
Slide show here. 

Sorry for the beating on the drum about the F-35 but everything about the plane, the program and even public announcements (not to mention reaction from foreign powers) is screaming that its just not what it's said to be.

Consider the fact that old metrics have been thrown out the window when it's talked about!  When the F-22 was introduced it was compared to the F-15 in all regards.  With the F-35 its "well we're gonna have to use it in a different way".  That's code for the plane isn't meeting performance requirements (dreams?) and they're gonna have to devise new methods of employment to keep it even reasonably competitive.

Even more stunning is the reaction from potential foes and even allies.  Some that are part of the program are taking a wait and see attitude with regard to purchases.  Others are developing new aircraft but they're partial stealth and they're much higher performance airplanes.  My point is this.  No one except the Japanese are following the US lead by trying for an all stealth force.  Most notably the Russians and Chinese are dramatically improving their 4th gen fighters, something we could have done except for leadership's fixation on the F-35.

Let me hit you with a what if.

What if they're right and the code is cracked on the F-35 due to cyber espionage and hacking?  What if they can beat the F-35 with legacy fighters simply because new AESA arrays can detect the plane and future enemy fighters can fly faster, farther and higher?

What happens when the F-35's we have are faced with not only J-20's and PAK-FA's that can kill it but swarms of J-10's, J-11's, SU-30's and MIG-35's?

What do you do then Combatant Commander?

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