Wednesday, July 19, 2017

NAVAIR video shows F-35B landing blind on LHA due to HMD glitch. Quote:"We got real lucky that night."

via Defense Tech.
The video that recently surfaced appears to indicate a new nighttime visibility problem, in addition to others that have been publicly identified.

In his presentation, Fields gave credit to the pilot, who positioned himself on the flight deck using two generators he remembered walking past on his way to the aircraft.

“I think his words later were, ‘screw you, ship, I’m landing on you,'” Fields said. “We got lucky. There is no way around it. We got very lucky that night.”
Story here.

Read it and fucking weep F-35 fanboys.  Your program was just saved by a fantastic USMC Aviator that has elephant sized balls  and somehow squeezed them into a cockpit to strap on a plane that is substandard, has faulty tech, jacked up leadership and by the grace of God made it all work.

Now do you get the force of connection all you guys that worship anyone with stars on their shoulders?  This plane still doesn't work and you're being lied to.

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