Friday, July 28, 2017

Poll shows troops worried about transgenders serving in the military.

By modern standards of US society was this the first Special Operations female?

via Defense News.
President Donald Trump’s announcement of looming changes in the military’s transgender policies could be less controversial within the ranks than among civilians, given troops’ conflicted views on the issue.

In a Military Times/Institute for Veterans and Military Families poll conducted late last year, 57 percent of active-duty military personnel expressed a negative opinion of the decision to allowing transgender troops to serve openly. More than half of that groups said the policy change had a very negative effect on military morale.

Only about 16 percent thought the change would boost troops’ morale, while the remaining 27 percent believed the policy change would have no effect.
Don't expect an honest debate on this issue.

First, the mainstream media, certain "defense publications" (USNI Blog) and others will kill dissenting views and force them underground just like they did with women in combat.

Second, too many have bought into fantasy and fail to look at the reality of the situation.  Think about it.  A guy decides that he's a girl and even though science, biology and nature state otherwise, we're living in a time where people have been conditioned to not only allow the individuals fantasy (that's not a bad thing....if a dude wants to believe he's a girl then that's his business...he shouldn't get his ass beat for wearing a dress in public), but to also actively PARTICIPATE in it.  That's where the wheels come off.  Just because an individual wants to play games doesn't mean that society should alter itself to make his fantasy real!

Third, we have leadership that is so caught up in the above that they will do nothing to state the REAL facts to congress critters.

Long story short.

The left can't win on facts so they will shout down those that speak reality.

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