Thursday, July 06, 2017

Re-assess opinions and credit when due (semi-rant)....

Consider this post a semi-rant.

Also consider it a personal self check.

I'll body slam with gusto if I think leadership is wrong, however I AM AMAZED at some of the criticism I'm seeing about an earlier post regarding the Expeditionary Advance Base Operations document.

How can anyone be anything BUT OVERJOYED!

This is stuff that we've talked about forever on these pages.  There were ideas (like using barges for aviation) that I never considered.  Some of it like a JHSV (Heavy) for a Company Landing Team (still question that concept but at least they're looking to do it right) seems downright inspired!

Yet some still complain!


Even when you win you still bitch?  Re-assess your stance and opinions.  Credit where credit is due.  This is revolutionary shit and you're missing the significance of this thing because instead of reveling in the glory of it, you're instead trying to pick it apart.


Just drink it in.  If there are parts that seem pie in the sky then we can chew on that, but overall this is beyond fantastic....this is damn near revolutionary!

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