Monday, July 24, 2017

Russia MiG-35D Multi-Role Fighter Simulation

Hate them if you must but the Russians are building a nice hi-lo mix by upgrading their "legacy" fighters with the latest tech.

The Mig-35D is a great example.  As usual the secret sauce is a basic platform that is inherently high performance, add an AESA array, upgrade the defense suite and there you have it.  A potential F-35 killer!

What the fanboys don't state is that the F-35 is optimized to fly at 25K feet. It's optimized for high subsonic speed. It's a bomb truck not a swing fighter! How do we know?  Because every successful multi-role fighter has as its base being an air superiority platform.  We KNOW without a doubt that the F-35 is NOT optimized toward the air superiority mission!

Every enemy fighter it could face in the future is optimized to fly high, and look down.  The closest analogy for ground guys is having to assault uphill against a dug in enemy, backed by machine guns that have ever possible line of approach covered and crack mortar crews that have the enter area indexed.

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