Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Russia's Bumerang is cutting edge?

via Sputnik.
Russia’s new Bumerang armored personnel carrier is a technological marvel, which is unrivalled in the world, the head of the Military-Industrial Company, Alexander Krasovitsky, told Izvestia.

“The Bumerang is an engineering breakthrough bristling with space-age technology, including an armored upper hemisphere. The vehicle can be remotely-operated, which means that it is essentially a robot,” Krasovitsky said.
He added that the Bumerang’s formidable protection against precision weapons make it virtually “unkillable.”
Story here. 

This is the first story in awhile that I've seen Sputnik head straight toward chest thumping approaching a bit of propaganda.  The Bumerang appears to be a capable 8x8 but cutting edge?  I see it as matching the other offerings on the market in the West (from the advanced nations) not surpassing them.

I'm actually surprised.  They've been playing it pretty straight since I've been following them (I know this will make some of you mad but consider all the stories we've heard first from Sputnik that appeared later in our news!).

But putting my suspicions aside for a moment.

Is this possible?

Cutting edge armor, engine and an APS that makes the vehicle almost unkillable?

Am I missing something or is this the usual boasting we see from program managers around the globe?

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