Thursday, July 06, 2017

Sic Semper Tyrannis thinks Marines/Army fighting in Korea is inevitable...and soon.

via SST.
IMO the US, under ANY administration will not accept having its cities held at risk in the bizarre spectacle of a NoKo counter-value strategy.

Would the US ultimately smash a lot of NoKo in a pre-emptive attack to reduce the threat? I think so.  Would the lack of a SoKo agreement on that stop the US?  I doubt that.

We would undoubtedly try a Stuxie type solution first, but if that does not work ...

The NoKo reaction to  big, crippling, strikes is very likely to be a massive onslaught across the DMZ.  Could they capture large parts of Seoul?  Yes.

Would a back and forth reminiscent of 195-53 then occur?  Would millions die?  Probably.  Would most of the US Army and USMC end up in Korea?  Probably.

So, in that context you could forget the ME (sorry AIPAC).   The fight against the jihadis would become the problem of US Greenies, Kurds, tribal Arabs, the SAG, the Iraqi government and Iran.  the Israelis and Saudis would continue to back their jihadis of choice.

A brave new world.  pl 
Story here. 

I prefer option 3.

We inform China that they can keep N. Korea as a buffer but Kim and the nukes have to go.  We propose a joint operation, put the banner of the UN over the whole thing, conduct a massive cruise missile, artillery barrage and launch protective flights of fighters to cover a raid from hell by MARSOC/Army Rangers and Delta...along with Chinese Special Ops to decapitate the regime.

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