Tuesday, July 11, 2017

This LtCol is drunk on the aviation kool-aide....aviation is now the supported force in the Marine Corps?

Listen to the first 20 seconds of this video!

That Battalion Commander is talking about Marine Ground integrating with Marine Air not the other way around!

Aviation is now the supported force and Ground is now supporting if we're to take this guys talk at face value.

The culture of the Marine Corps has changed.  Is it no wonder that you never hear "every Marine is a rifleman" anymore?

NOTE!  I wondered why everything was shifting from 29 Palms to Yuma.  Now we know.  At 29 Palms it was aviation integrating with the ground and at Yuma the dynamic is flipped!  I could accept this alot easier IF we had professional discussion about "becoming aviation centric".  We didn't have that.  Instead a few people behind closed doors made the decision, told the rest of the Corps to shut the fuck up and swallow hard and much to my surprise everyone is.  That is stunning!  A monumental shift like this and its not being debated?  This is not the change we were looking for!

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