Saturday, July 08, 2017

Video of the B-1 Bomber show of force...the package was bigger than early reports indicated...

Early reports seemed to indicate that just a couple of B-1's and a Japanese fighter participated in this show of force.

I might be displaying my ignorance but seeing it in this video proves to me, at least, that this was an effective display.

As to who this show of force was aimed at?

I believe its to continue the pressure on the little fat boy.  He's aware of what's going on and seeing a couple of B-1's near the border has to make him wonder if he's been targeted for elimination.

The other people that this sends a message to is the American population.  It lets the average citizen know that things are not normal in Korea.  The US military is preparing for something.  If you remember Desert Storm then you remember that before the actual assault there was an almost year long preparation of the masses to the idea of the US military going to war.

The reason?

Because Stormin Norman and the rest of his staff was almost sure that we'd see heavy casualties.  I never found out if it was true but supposedly they filled a C-5 with body bags because they were sure they'd be used.

If there is war in Korea then you can bet that if it goes sideways there will be heavy casualties.  Preparing the nation for that eventuality takes time and skill.  This won't kick off immediately (if it ever does).  It'll take time for the Japanese, S. Koreans and even the US to get their militaries and people ready for the fight.  Both physically (as in getting the right gear and units in place) and emotionally.

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