Friday, August 25, 2017

Another "noted" bodybuilder dies early....Rich Piana has passed away.

Just wow.  Rich Piana is dead.  If you don't know (and most of you probably don't), Rich was found in his home unresponsive and transported to the hospital.  Once there doctors placed him in a medical coma (I have no idea what the hell that means) and now, about two weeks after that procedure he's dead.

It's weird on a couple of levels.  First if you follow Rich on YouTube then you know he's had a pretty damn chaotic year.  He went thru a pretty messy divorce, got involved with a new chick, had his ex publish a phone call where he went off on some black dude that was screwing her ... deriding the guy by asking her how she could fuck a n**ger,  an embarrassing public apology that was accepted by some slammed by others, a move to Florida from California, a slip and fall in his home that led to this medical issue, a search of his home that revealed over 30 vials of steroids/growth hormone/insulin and finally his unfortunate death.

This guy had a saying.  Whatever it takes.  I guess that meant that he would do whatever it took to get big.  He was extremely controversial not because of the roid use but because people speculated that he injected a substance into his arms to permanently enlarge them.  I'm talking beyond the synthol that the freaks in S. America and the Middle East use.  Supposedly it was some kind of substance along the lines of the stuff some women use to enlarge their asses.

The cause of death?  I have no idea and we'll probably never know.  I still suspect that bugaboo mix of Growth Hormone and Insulin.

Regardless, bodybuilding is forever changed.  Between Rich's death and Big Country's passing earlier this week the community is going to be taking a hard look at some of the compounds being used.

The era of the mass monster and bodybuilders topping 300 plus pounds is definitely over.  Story here.

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