Thursday, August 24, 2017

Commander of US forces in Afghanistan says Trump's plan means a long term commitment.

via Reuters.
The top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan said on Thursday President Donald Trump's new strategy is a sign of a long-term commitment to what is already America's longest war and called on Taliban insurgents to agree to peace talks.

"The Taliban cannot win on the battlefield, it's time for them to join the peace process," General John Nicholson told reporters in the Afghan capital, Kabul. "We will not fail in Afghanistan, our national security depends on that as well."
Story here. 

1.  How does our national security depend on Afghanistan?  We haven't won there in 17 years and now its essential to our national security?

2.  Trump is an idiot.  He should have fucking fired Nicholson long ago as a warning shot to his generals.  Now he's getting bent over the table on a daily basis.  They've assessed his ass and have found him as easy a crack whore.

3.  Will someone please define winning in Afghanistan!  Will someone please tell me under what conditions we can pull our forces out of that country?  Can someone tell me why we could defeat technologically sophisticated Nazis and Japanese in WW2 but sandal wearing bastards have us wringing our hands talking about "a long term commitment"!  During WW2 generals were fired for losing battles much less wars.

Simply amazing.

This is why we will fall.  We are on the same path as the Romans, the British and every other great power that has come before.  

Mark my words (and I take no pleasure in this)....Afghanistan is about to claim another empire.  It truly is the land where empires go to die.

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