Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dallas McCarver, Professional Bodybuilder dead at 26.

This one ain't for everyone (need to start putting that on all my posts) and if it isn't for you then click to the next thing that catches your interest.

For the rest of us.  Mr. Olympia is about 3 weeks away and we're seeing massive muscle.  You thought Ronnie and Dorian were big?  Not by what I'm seeing this year.  Big Ramy (look him up) is downright massive (he's being sponsored by a Prince from some Middle Eastern country and they get NOTHING BUT pharmaceutical grade gear..once it was Eastern Europe for the good stuff, then China a little but now you're talking Kuwait)....and right behind him was Dallas McCarver.

Bodybuilding is a weird thing.  Some guys are into aesthetics.  That Greek God thing is what they're trying for.  Some are into performance.  They can look like trolls as long as they meet performance marks.  Still others simply want to add as much muscle as possible.

Dallas was after muscle.

How big was he?  Well the pic above is from 2015 and he added about 30 pounds of muscle since that was taken.  About two weeks ago he had a body fat measurement taken (much more than that...you can read the article here) and the results were jaw dropping.  270 pounds of muscle at a bodyfat of 8.5%.

The uninitiated will blame steroids.

Those in the know will look at the two other drugs that are tearing bodybuilding apart.  Growth Hormone and Insulin.  The news is just breaking that this guy passed away but if I were to bet money I'd look at GH and slin as the culprits.

Weird time for the weight lifting community.  Rich Piana is in a comma after being found passed out in his home unresponsive and now this.

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