Wednesday, August 30, 2017

FINALLY! US Marine Corps Amphibious Assault Vehicles arrive to assist Houston!

Thanks to John for the pics!


Someone got head removed from their ass assembly, took a look around and arrived at the obvious.

USMC AAV can be a tremendous help to the people of Houston.


How about 10K worth of supplies.  How about the ability (these are legacy models so they have bench seat that can be folded with the center bench removed) able to carry about 30 people standing like on a NY Subway.  Old Timers claimed they were able to stuff 50 Marines inside one during overload situations.

Oh and did I mention that they can go any and everywhere.  Cars blocking the roadway?  They can blast thru (meaning drive thru weapons on this deployment I'm sure).  That weird time when the water is too high for vehicles and too low for boats?  The operation doesn't stop because the AAV can handle it.

It took too long but this makes my heart sing!

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