Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Forget drums...WAR HAMMERS are beating. Norks threaten to attack Guam!


Guam has been as wide open as a hooker on Bourbon Street selling infected 10 cent pussy (yeah that might have been over the top graphic but you get the point).

Moebius 2249 said the N. Koreans issued a statement and now I saw on the news that they're threatening to preemptively strike Guam!

This is juicy.  This is stunning.  This is the new normal.

Question though.

What if the N. Koreans assume that war is inevitable.  What if they've wargamed it and decided that if the US strikes first they will be unable to effectively retaliate.

What if they decide that they have no other option?

If the N. Koreans strike before we're ready could we react with speed?

One last what if.

What if this is part of China's power play to take over the Pacific?  What if they've decided that a "new" Korean war will so cripple the US in the Pacific that they will have 5 or 10 years of free reign in the region?  What if to our surprise the Chinese are playing us all?

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