Thursday, August 31, 2017

Houston flooding. Addicks reservoir release to continue till the middle of Sept.


The hits just keep coming for Houston.  Watching the morning news and they're saying that the Addicks reservoir will continue to release water till the middle of Sept.

Can you say downtown Houston flooded?  Can you say Buffalo bayou trashed beyond recognition?

I said that this could be a hit to the economy and I had some fruit loop call me crazy.

Well heads up sport fans.

How do you deal with serious incidents?

You start with worse case scenario planning and work backwards.  If you plan for the worst, or at least expect the worse then you won't be caught off guard.


Whether its military concepts, actual warfare, economic circumstances, crime, and even natural disasters, I start at the worst possibility and work backwards.  Worst case scenario planning folks!  No normalcy bias here.

Bad shit happens everyday and you better get your mind ready to meet that challenge.

Public service rant over.

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