Friday, August 25, 2017

Interesting weekend in my part of the woods...Hurricane Harvey! Bring it bitch!

Yeah Baby!  The National Weather Service has put out all the warnings the local govt is going batshit crazy (including the activating the Reserve Deputies in and rescue/high water rescue is standing up almost 48 hours before we're suppose to get the brunt of the storm) and the sheeple are hitting the stores like good little drones should.

Personally?  I'm saying bring it Hurricane Harvey ya bitch!

Naw, seriously this one is gonna be interesting.  According to the European storm model (which is suppose to be more accurate than the American model...I've always wondered why they never adjusted our modeling if the European one is considered better) this thing will make landfall in South Texas, go back offshore and strengthen, then make landfall along the Texas/Louisiana border.

The real problem isn't storm surge, winds, or the occasional popup tornado. The killer will be the rainfall.  We're talking about a weather system that will affect a huge swath of territory...most of Texas, all of Louisiana and parts of Mississippi.  Oh and by the models (both of them) we will see rains for the next seven days!

Predictions in my area are for up to 15 inches of rain.  I've talked to some of the old guys in my area and they can't remember a storm lingering that long. They've ridden out bigger and badder hurricanes but none that simply lingered in the area for a week.

The worry is that areas that are NOT known to be flood prone will be overwhelmed.  The big worry in my area is that the Red River could flood which would be a catastrophic event.

Regardless my soft preps are ready so no panic buying for me.  Looks like lots of blogging this weekend, lots of reading, lots of watching movies, turning on the generator, watching the rain and laughing at some Weather Channel reporter standing in high water telling me to get inside when he doesn't have the sense to do the same.

This one should be good.  More to come.

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