Wednesday, August 09, 2017

N. Korea News. Peace Doves want to try negotiations again!

Bloomberg has an article out "What a war between N. Korea might look light". You can read it here and they give a short tick tock of a failed military campaign (with the military leadership we have that is a distinct possibility), but what has me amazed is that they're still calling for negotiations after previous negotiations have gotten us to this point!  Below is the final point they make after basically trashing most other possibilities.
7. What options remain on the table?

Many analysts say it’s time to start talks to prevent the situation from worsening. Stopping North Korea from obtaining a thermonuclear weapon, or more advanced solid-fuel missiles, is a goal worth pursuing, according to Lewis. However unpalatable it may seem, that means offering rewards to entice North Korea back to the negotiating table. Lewis suggested one reward could be to scale back U.S.-led military drills around North Korea. The question of what can be offered to the North Koreans "is a conversation that should be happening both with the public, with Congress and with the North Koreans, instead of having this imaginary conversation about war scenarios," said Delury. "The realistic option is a diplomatic one that slows this thing down. And that’s going to require a lot of talks."
Americans don't get this.

I don't care what the Europeans or Japan or S. Korea think.  This isn't about them.  They might get blowback (economically in the case of Europe) or become involved in the fighting (Japan and S. Korea) but this is in my mind all about the United States.

We crossed a desert to destroy Iraq's govt because they supposedly had WMD.  Italy, France and Great Britain pushed a war against Libya AFTER their leader had turned over nuclear materials.  Pakistan has nukes.  Iran is soon going to have them.  Israel certainly has them.  Saudi Arabia is rumored to have them, and I would bet body parts that Turkey is working on a secret program along with every other nation that has nuclear power plants.

This is different though.

I live in the piney woods.

For you people in my readership that live in a major US city west of Chicago you're waking up to a new reality.

N. Korea has nukes and they can reach your city.  Primitive nukes destroyed two Japanese cities.  The tech has improved exponentially! You want to talk about a nation altering event?  A strike on Chicago would cause a worldwide depression, would probably start WW3 and would take decades to recover from.

Oh and it's in the hands of a madman with no controls.

I still don't know what the answer is.  The news media is yanking our strings hard on this one and I would like more information before I decide this is a war that MUST happen.  Until we know more (and we're probably gonna get a huge dose of information warfare directed our way) all we can do is gather scraps of information to try and see what is being done in the fog.

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