Sunday, August 13, 2017

Namer IFV (30mm Cannon Variant) is a IDF Street Fighter?

via National Interest.
“An APC equipped with a turret and cannon gives it an advantage during urban warfare,” said Brig.-Gen. Baruch Matzliach, head of the Tank Program Administration, according to the Jerusalem Post. “The shortened cannon makes it more maneuverable, and [gives it] the ability to provide firepower to infantry soldiers. It also lets infantry soldiers be more independent on the battlefield, with less dependence on other units to provide firepower.”

Like the Merkava, the Namer is protected by the Trophy active defense system to stop anti-tank rockets. However, the weapons and protection won't compromise the vehicle's troop-carrying mission. “The turret is unmanned and does not penetrate the combat cell so that the ability to carry soldiers is not harmed,” Matzliach said. “Its operation is expected to be simple and will be performed by the APC's crew. The turret will also incorporate an active defense system and additional systems that will greatly contribute to its capabilities.”
Story here. 

The Namer weighs 66 tons.

It's the chassis of the Merkava without the turret.

I never properly considered that.

This is indeed a street fighting IFV that is optimized for fighting in urban areas.  It has shit strategic mobility but the IDF doesn't play away's never far from home.  When it does range far and wide that's the job of their Special Ops Forces.

This vehicle makes all kinds of sense but I do wonder one thing about the evolution of armored vehicles that are destined to fight in urban areas.  30mm cannons are nice but they don't provide full spectrum fire power or suppression.  Why aren't we seeing vehicles with multiple (at least 2, maybe more) RWS systems with 50 cal machineguns?

They did it with the Namer's granddaddy, the Nagmachon, so maybe we'll see a similar setup down the road for a Namer variant.

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