Monday, August 28, 2017

Russia to develop an amphibious combat vehicle variant of their Boomerang 8x8!

via Sputnik.
Military experts expect the Bumerang to become a universal combat platform, capable of solving a wide range of military tasks. This is line with Russian armored vehicle makers' broader doctrine of modular vehicle design, designed with cross-compatibility, interchangeability, and wide configurability in mind. In the Navy, the Bumerang's missions will include amphibious troop landing, fire support and ground engagement.

Both in amphibious mode and from aboard landing craft, the Bumerang must also be able to fire using all of its onboard weapons systems against coastal targets.

"An amphibious version of the Bumerang APC is being tested," Alexander Krasovitsky, general director of the Military-Industrial Company, the developer of the vehicle, told Izvestia on the sidelines of ARMY-2017. "The exact form of the vehicle is still being finalized according to the customer's requirements, so it's too early to speak in more detail about its capabilities," Krasovitsky added.

Presently, Russia's Naval Infantry is fitted out with the BTR-82A, the latest version of the BTR-80 APC, and with the 2S31 Vena 120-mm amphibious self-propelled artillery system.

Vadim Kozyulin, military expert and professor at the Academy of Military Sciences, pointed out that the Navy's plans also include the construction of a series of new large Lavina amphibious assault ships. These ships will be able to deliver up to 60 light armored vehicles to shore, dropping them off either via their bow door, with the help of speedy smaller landers. With this in mind, it's only logical that the Bumerang be fully compatible with the Lavina.
Story here. 

Most everyone knows that I monitor Sputnik, DESPITE the complaints that it's supposedly "fake" news.  I find that puzzling.  The US govt and military has been complaining about Chinese and Russian govts not being open about their military news and here we have it on a plate and MANY are still not satisfied!

Amazing isn't descriptive enough.  How about being baffled!  That better expresses my feeling on the subject.

But back on task.  An amphibious version of the Boomerang 8x8?  Sounds formidable.  I like it.  Even better they're looking at the ability to mount different weapon systems on it.

It also dawned on me about the 57mm cannon that's being trialled.  We've seen the issues with the 120mm when utilized by the Stryker.  I know they've managed to develop setups that work on wheeled vehicles like the Centauro and the Japanese MCV but what if a better solution is a smaller caliber that can accomplish all the other missions EXCEPT engaging enemy MBTs?

The only question I have is it's ability to defeat enemy fortifications but against any vehicle short of a modern tank it will be deadly into the distant future.  The rate of fire will defeat APS that's gaining popularity and it will have enough rounds available to stay in the fight.  When by chance it does meet MBTs it will have ATGMs available to balance the engagement.

This is steady improvement.  Sensible development.  The armor race is on and the Chinese and Russians are winning.

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