Monday, August 07, 2017

Tactical Gear News. US Palm is dead.

via US Palm Instagram.
All good things must come to an end, and this is ours at US PALM. We certainly appreciate all of our very ardent fans, followers, customers and cohorts in crime. Each of you contributed in building the brand, and without you, we wouldn't have had the run we did. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL, YOU MADE THE JUICE WORTH THE SQEEZE!
US PALM was a great experience, and we hope we contributed as much as we received. But in the end, a downsizing economy, industry instability, and internal factors all lined up and dealt us the final coup de gras.
Moving forward we're happy to say that some of our designs will be finding new homes, while others will be lost in the process.
On that note, please consider liking and following our industry associates who will be continuing on in our spirit of providing outstanding innovative gear, and offering a select handful of our more enduring designs under their label:

I've wondered when this would happen.  The tactical gear market has been saturated but we haven't seen the usual market dynamics play out (unless you buy paintball stuff....and even there we've seen price creep that's been outrageous).

The problem in a nutshell.

For many "gun guys" its a casual affair.  More of a collector type thing rather than a go out and "get it busted up and yourself muddy" type thing. So you combine casual "fans" along with prices that were premium and you have a weird market.

Too many guys making gear at premium prices, the need to have your gear go "cool" and abuzz within the community or you can't break even, some makers that insisted only on selling to active law enforcement/military and you have what happened to US Palm.

I fully expect more companies to go by the wayside.

The great renaissance in gear is about to come to an end.

The next victim?  AR builders.  Expect a mini-apocalypse when it comes to AR manufacturers soon. There are too many "premium" AR builders out there, the big guys are slamming into the affordable AR market so what is about to happen to gear makers is about to happen to the AR guys.

If you have a favorite piece of gear you like then get it now.  Same applies to AR's.  If you want to stockpile either then act fast.

The market is about to shake out, prices might dip further but doors will close quickly so don't take the chance on trying to time things for "going out of business sales"!  Trust me on this one.  The good times had to end and it looks like the last song is playing.

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