Sunday, August 27, 2017

The shit storm is it Katrina 2.0 in Houston!

Oooh!  I'm watching coverage of all the high water rescues in Houston and you can feel the shit storm coming.  Call it Katrina 2.0 in Houstoun!

What's being said on Fox News?

1.  People want to know why the Mayor of Houston told people to shelter in place.  Why?

2.  The city govt has told people to go up to the attic and make sure they have an ax to cut themselves out.  They're talking about DAYS to get to some trapped people and that they will be exposed to the elements if they cut away their protection.

3.  Why hasn't the governor activated the national guard.

4.  Why don't we see FEMA on the scene providing aid and shelter to the displaced.

This is gonna turn into a major league mess unless someone in the Trump admin gets forward leaning on this quick.  The flooding is bad, its a major city and everyone already has the long knives out.

This will be a real controversy unless someone in that admin gets smart and gets moving.

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