Monday, August 21, 2017

Trump on Afghanistan. The Neo-Cons/Establishment/Military Industrial Complex have won...he is de-fanged and irrelevant.

Listening to the Trump speech on Afghanistan.  Long story short?  The Neo-Cons/Establishment/Military Industrial Complex have won.  Trump has been de-fanged and is now irrelevant.

The idea that another four years will result in victory after they haven't succeeded after 16 is comical.

I mean seriously how stupid can our military leadership be?  This is literally INSANE!

Trump has given in.  He has rolled over like a good little puppy, will get belly rubs from McCain, Graham, McMaster, Dunford and Mattis.

This was the moment to make a stand and to change the course of history. Trump failed the test and will continue to squander lives, and treasure in a God forsaken land.

I now expect the standard Republican playbook.  NAFTA?  Will probably remain unchanged.  TPP?  It might be reintroduced.  Iran nuke deal?  It's written in stone.  Tax reform?  More like tax cuts for the rich.

Trump is broken.  Nothing he ran on will be done.  Bannon was right.  The Trump presidency is over.

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