Sunday, August 13, 2017

Victim in Charlotte terror attack named.

A few things....

1.  Heather Heyer is the victim in the terror attack in Charlotteville.  My heart goes out to her family.

2.  I've chewed on the term terror attack for this incident.  At first I thought that it was useless grandstanding.  Then I rethought things.  If this guy was Muslim, saying that he was associated with ISIS and did the samething but the group being attacked was a veterans rally would we call it a terror attack? You bet your ass we would.  In light of that reality I stand corrected.  This bastard committed a terror attack.

3.  Why don't I "hate".  Simple.  I've lived and I know history.  By living I mean that I've met enough assholes of every race that are about as worthless as whale shit that I don't have the inclination or desire to try and focus on one particular race.  Second I know my history.  I don't know Heather Heyer but for whatever reason she showed up to protest a bunch of bigots and white supremacists.  Brave whites did the same during the civil rights fight (as did many Jews) so I will never hate based on color.  I know my history and to hate "whites", or "Jews" is just stupid.

4.  Speaking of white supremacists and bigots.  I've seen people calling her mixed race, an antifa and a traitor her race.  So sad and so predictable.  The funny but mostly sad thing is that I was unaware of how closely aligned the right is with this white supremacist thing.  They want the term right?  They can have it.  I'm conservative.  I do not align with these fucks in anyway.

Now I got to go pen my weekly dose (I use Ethanate...Test/Tren...separate draws from two vials...this is blast time....fuck saving joints...time to be as strong as a ever!)....and get a workout in.

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