Friday, August 04, 2017

What the fuck! A ceasefire in Baltimore? Do they understand what that means...the visuals associated with that????

via Reuters.
After the deaths of nearly 20 of her friends and relatives, Erricka Bridgeford said she wanted to take a stand against Baltimore's worst wave of deadly violence in a generation.

It was with that sense of urgency that the 44-year-old community mediation trainer and other activists decided to organize a grassroots "ceasefire" to stop the killings, at least for 72 hours, starting at midnight on Thursday (0400 GMT on Friday).

"We want to purposefully just have a pause and a sacred space where everybody's intention is that nobody gets killed," Bridgeford said.

The ceasefire has the support of gang leaders, drug dealers and others linked to the violence, she said.
Story here. 

Has common sense become so uncommon that this lady doesn't realize what this means?  Does she not know the visuals that come with this?

She is basically saying that she lives in a war zone.

Additionally she's saying that she KNOWS the killers/criminals in her community but instead of alerting law enforcement she's working with them on a "ceasefire" instead!

This is batshit stupid!

If you know the killers in the community you have three choices.  You either get some friends and you kill them yourselves (feed them to the hogs...they eat bones and forensic evidence left behind except what passes thru the digestional tract....hopefully law enforcement won't be fired up to catch who did it), inform law enforcement (county if you don't trust city, state if you don't trust county) or else you ignore the problem.

But to declare a ceasefire and think that you're doing something?

I'm flabbergasted and amazed.

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