Monday, September 11, 2017

A GOOD Nurse and a BAD Cop - Part 2

Wow.  I didn't think Yeager would attack this issue so forcefully.  He's running straight up against a meme that I really can't understand.  You've seen it.  The back the blue flag stickers that are on the back of some trucks rolling
around.  I really believe it gained so much traction in light of the rash of police shootings and the protests that came about but I don't know for certain.  What I do know is that you see them everywhere and if you go to a few forums you'll see a back the blue attitude no matter what the incident.

The fact that he's taken such a strident position on this issue gives me hope. Maybe it might finally be turning from being a racial thing into more of a right or wrong thing.

We'll see what happens but this incident as terrible as it is for the truck driver (got more information on what happened....the police were involved in a bad chase, wrecked this guy, he got burns all over his body and its suspected they were looking to draw blood to cover themselves) and the mental trauma that the nurse faced (just doing her job, calls her supervisor and then gets rough handled by police) will get many to re-examine their position.

Do I back the police?

You bet your ass I do.

Do I think they're the second coming of Christ and can do no wrong?

Hell no.

Back the boys in blue but have a little perspective...and when you find some that are doing the right T in Houston (waiting for an update from him) or JD Strike in Georgia (the same...waiting on updates) you make sure you pat those guys on the back.

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