Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Agile Spirit 17 soon to kick off.

The above vid shows Marine Corps gear being offloaded from ships in the European state of Georgia and being transported by rail.  So what the hell is Agile Spirit 17?  Check out this press advisory from DVIDS...
Approximately 500 U.S. military personnel have arrived in the Republic of Georgia to take part in Exercise Agile Spirit 17. This is the seventh iteration of the annually-scheduled multilateral exercise designed to enhance U.S., Georgian and regional partner interoperability and strengthen understanding of each nation’s tactics, techniques and procedures. Agile Spirit 17 is led by U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa and will include both a multinational brigade-level command post exercise and a multinational battalion-level combined arms live-fire field training exercise. Various units from the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army will participate in the exercise along with approximately 1,000 service members from the Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Latvian, Romanian, and Ukrainian armed forces. The exercise is scheduled to end on or about Sept. 15, 2017.
So why bring this up?

To prove my point about the craziness of the media getting spun up about Russian exercises.

We've run numerous exercises in Europe this year.  They're under different banners too.  Sometimes its under NATO, sometimes they're bilateral and sometimes they're part of the EU Defense contraption.

Russia is doing their thing in their upcoming exercise.

So what.

We've been running exercises all over that continent this entire year.

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