Friday, September 22, 2017

Apparently the Russian General was telling the truth...something bad happened in Syria....

I did a blog post yesterday that I considered alarming.  It's no secret that I've been advocating for the US and Russia to shake hands, let bygones be bygones and get to work killing ISIS instead of dicking around.

Well apparently Russian MP's were surrounded and the Russians conducted a max effort operation to defend their people.

The alarming part was a few blurbs from a Macedonian website claiming that US Special Ops personnel were leading terrorists and were killed in the clash...correction fled the scene.

I still don't know what happened.  Neither do you.  You weren't there.  Even people that were can only see pieces of the big fight.

But something bad did happen!  Check this out from DoDBuzz.
U.S. and Russian ground commanders met this week to make sure “we don’t fire upon one another” in the fight against ISIS in the eastern border area of Syria, a U.S. military spokesman said Thursday.

The face-to-face meeting at an undisclosed location in the Mideast is believed to be a first for U.S. and Russian ground forces, the spokesman said, and followed attacks by Russian warplanes last weekend on positions of the U.S.-partnered Syrian Democratic Forces in the region.

The bottom line is, “We need to know where they are, and they need to know where we are” in the fighting in the oil-rich eastern province of Deir al-Zour, said Army Col. Ryan Dillon, a spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve.
Story here.

Why am I sure something really bad happened?

Face to face meetings?

The statement from the US side that we need to know where they are and they need to know where we are so we don't shoot each other?

That indicates to me either someone got hit or someone got real close to being hit and they want to deconflict the area as soon as possible.

Additionally this is a DRASTIC sea change in attitude.   Earlier this year you had Neo-Cons like McCain and Graham stating that we should setup zones and fire on Russians/Syrians if they cross into them.

Yeah.  This definitely was bad.  I'd give body parts to know exactly what happened.

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