Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dunford:China will be 'greatest threat' to US by 2025

via CNN
America's top military officer, Gen. Joseph Dunford, told Congress Tuesday China is likely to be the "greatest threat" of any foe to the US within a decade.

"I think China probably poses the greatest threat to our nation by about 2025," Dunford told the Senate Armed Services Committee during a hearing on his re-appointment as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Dunford was responding to a question from Hawaii Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono, who noted that the general had previously identified Russia, followed by China and North Korea, as representing the greatest military threats to US national security during a 2015 appearance before the same committee.
But on Tuesday Dunford took the opportunity to reshuffle his list of national security concerns, saying that North Korea now "poses the greatest threat today" due to the "sense of urgency" involved as Pyongyang's develops its nuclear and missile programs.
Story here. 

Told ya! He's almost a decade late but at least they're finally on the radar!

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