Thursday, September 28, 2017

F-35 News. China can detect stealth aircraft with Terahertz Imaging Radar...

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“It looks like they will soon be able to have an echo image of the F-35 with some high-definition details ... from a respectable distance.”
China has claimed that some of its existing very-high-frequency military radar can detect traces of stealth aircraft but doubters say the microwaves from those devices would be absorbed or deflected by stealth materials.
Qi Jiaran, deputy director of the department of microwave engineering at the Harbin Institute of Technology, said the new instrument could be a game changer.
Qi, a terahertz imaging specialist not directly involved in the Chengdu project, said the report suggested that China had made a breakthrough in some key technology and components.
Story here. 

Game over for the F-35 if this is true.  The plane is slow, short ranged, has a pathetic weapons load when in stealth configuration and now it can be detected by Chinese radars.

We won't even go into claims by SAAB and Northrup Grumman of being able to detect stealth.

Long short?

The age of stealth has passed.  It lasted for a couple of decades but it will no longer work against a peer opponent.

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