Saturday, September 23, 2017

Fitness Talk. Banish sugar from your life....

It's been a minute since I did a "fitness talk" post but when I saw this vid I knew I found the next topic.

If you're doing a keto lifestyle then you're already there.  If you're doing Paleo then you're still on the right track.  If you're like 95% of the American public you're screwed beyond belief.

I know you guys think I have weird ideas when it comes to food.

Like my belief that the food formulations that are found in processed food are feminizing men and lowering their testosterone levels.  The way I think that most food is formulated to increase appetite instead of providing nutrients the body needs.

Laugh at all my whacked out, batshit crazy thinking.  I can take it.

But don't ignore this video.  I truly believe that the food we eat is a major part of our performance potential.  You still must exercise religiously and live a lifestyle that promotes health but what you eat is at least 50% (probably more but I don't feel like debating this point) of the equation.

Do yourself a favor guys.  Banish sugar from your life.

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