Monday, September 25, 2017

Has America lost the ability to go fast? USAF General Hyten thinks so!

Thanks to Moebius 2249 for the link!

If I didn't embed this right start watching at the 25:52 mark.

I never heard this guy but he gets it.  America HAS lost it's ability to go fast. The reason?  The military has embraced the bureaucracy and loves it more than it loves mission accomplishment.

Maybe this is just something that all empires go thru.  Maybe this is a sign that we really are in decline.  I'm not sure, but I'm positive of one thing. Other nations appear to be hungrier than we are.  They seem more willing to do the hard thing.

They seem ready to do what is asked of them by their nation instead of asking what the nation can do for them.

They are clear eyed, confident and working while we're sleeping.

We HAVE lost our ability to go fast and the wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq is the proof.  Somehow, someway we've lost our direction.  If we don't course correct we will lose the future.

The terrible news?   It might already be too late.

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