Monday, September 18, 2017

Hundred of non-combat capable F-35s????

Thanks to Peter for the link!

via Flight Global
Scores of US-owned Lockheed Martin F-35s would remain in the fleet with a software operating system rated below combat-grade under one of several cost-saving proposals under review by the Joint Programme Office.

Delays during the development stage caused Lockheed to deliver more than 108 aircraft with Block 2B software. Each fighter requires 150-160 modifications to be raised to the combat-rated Block 3 standard, says Vice Adm Matt Winter, the F-35’s programme executive.

The looming modification bills are threatening to suck resources from a looming production ramp-up with more than 900 aircraft projected for delivery over the next five years, Winter says.

“We’re looking at solution spaces to give our warfighters options,” Winter says.
Story here. 

Ya know a certain blogger from back in the day...a certain Australian Think Tank all said out loud that the US military was buying hundreds of mistake jets that would break the bank to upgrade.

We were all told that it was simply a software update so the cost would be negligible.

Looks like the fan club was wrong and the critics right (once again).

I'll just leave this here for you to drink in.  

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