Saturday, September 09, 2017

Hurricane Irma News. Law Enforcement perspective on the ground by JD Strike...

This update is from JD Strike...
ok worked 12hr last night 1800 to 0600.  Beautiful sunny day.  All stores closed at 1900 hrs.  A few gas stations still open but majority no gas.  Lots of people moving in from the coast to get supplies before they bug out.  This morning mandatory evacuation in effect.

Liberty County Sheriffs department manned check points for all roads into and out of the coastal areas. You come out you don't get back in till all is clear.  I work City PD, so if your not familiar with the area, we are the county seat, so everyone from the coast comes through us to move inland.  I stood patrol out at the super Walmart at closing time last night and couldn't believe the people still waiting to the last minute to go get supplies, wire money in or hell just shop .  Think about this, it was payday yesterday so a lot of people had to wait for payday to get any funds to buy basics. (no deep larder).  Luckily no one got stupid and contained their anger.

Spent the rest of the evening  bouncing between two gas stations that had a little fuel left. Long lines and 3-4 police officers present to keep it cool.  Patrolled the neighborhoods assessing my assigned zone for the next few days to get idea of how many houses have people still staying or have been boarded up.  Funny talked to a few people who decided to stay because when Hurricane Matthew came through last year "it wasn't that bad".  All I could tell them was be safe and this storm is not the same or on the same track.  We had areas that had no power for up to two weeks last year and the storm went up the east coast and impacted South Carolina.  I have no clue how this ones gonna play out even if it has moved more west and losses strength.  I got released this morning and told go home make preparations and be back at 1800 Saturday.  Helped my neighbor put up plywood and the helped her pack her truck to leave out the area.  Gave her some ammo, and 10 gallons of gas.
As of 1600 we have clouds, and a little rain and wind, but nothing to write home about.  Afternoon watch is manning intersections and helping keep the flow of traffic moving.  I really pray things don't get bad here like T is experiencing.  Just a point of interest, we will remain in service during the storm period up until the winds get to 45 miles per hour, then we are to bunker down at the PD and wait for the weather to break.  During this period, no calls for service, no deploying out to save or help anyone. No police, fire or EMS period.  That needs to sink into people.  They have to prepare for their own selves, Food, water and medical supplies.  It really sucks to think that IF someone calls for help, we cant or wont be allowed by higher to go out.  That's why there is an evacuation.  Either way its a shitty situation.  Well I hope this storm didn't pay it utilities bills and gets them shut off.  Prayers for everyone.       
Yep.  People are about to get sucker punched.  Even worse.  Its on a new track and I'd bet body parts it goes a bit further west than they're currently projecting.

The lessons learned from this is going to be fascinating.  The old standards are just not going to cut it.  Too many people live too close to the coastline...especially the growth we've seen in Florida, Texas and Mississippi (Louisiana has swamp lands and no beaches so we're immune to that danger).

From my chair if you're living in the path of a major storm you might need to plan on being away from home for maybe two weeks.  Assuming you leave two days before the storm hits land, giving the storm two days to wreck your area and move out, and then maybe 5 days for relief efforts to kick in...power restored, roads cleared and body removed...10 to 14 day stay away from home?

It sounds outrageous but that might be the new standard.

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