Monday, September 18, 2017

I despise Nazis but this ain't right.

Two photos shared by different people show a man in Seattle riding the RapidRide D Line wearing a Nazi armband. A later photo shows the man knocked out on a sidewalk from a punch.
Story here. 

Wow.  I fucking despise Nazis and the supporters that have popped up on this blog after the Charlottesville idiocy (blood and soil my ass).  I can see clocking a bastard stupid enough to be walking around with an armband.  I can see monitoring his ass to see if he does something provocative, and no wearing the arm band ain't enough.

But to actually catch him cold and sucker punch him?

That don't seem right.

I could see if the dude was goose stepping, yelling the N word and doing other stuff.  If that's the case then do him the way he needs to be done but to catch him cold?

Things are heating up.  I don't view Antifa the way that the Nazi supporters around the blogosphere do (I find it amazing that Anti-Fascists are suddenly the bad guys to so might want to check yourself if you're cheering for Fascists/Nazis).  I see them as the rightful antidote to the Nazi/KKK/White Supremacists disease.

But there is one thing that disturbs me that no one has pointed to.

NOTE:  Everyone is ignoring this portion of my blog post!  Don't!  If you want to be concerned about ANTIFA then be my guest but do it because you have a reason to!  The similarities between the old Weatherman Movement and Antifa today are striking!  That should be a real reason for concern!!!!

No one remembers history but the modern day Antifa movement has all the hallmarks of the old Weatherman Underground Movement of the late 60's and early 70's.

The Nazis/KKK/White Supremacists can be put back in their cage with little effort.  It's been done before and it can be done again.  My concern is that the Antifa could morph in ways that many aren't quite seeing.  They're a reaction to the extreme right, but it could spiral unless restraints are put in place.

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