Friday, September 22, 2017

Is the Russian vs US clash in Syria all about oil fields in Syria?

Thanks to Лейба for the link!

I stated something bad had happened in Syria and the fact that the Russians and Americans met face to face to deconflict the area s telling. Drink that in. This isn't about the air forces but the ground troops.

The American Soldier quoted stated that "they wanted to make sure they weren't shooting at each other".  Someone must have either gotten hit, came close or verified that they had each other in weapon sights.

Earlier this week Russian MP's were surrounded and thanks to a max effort by Russian Air they were able to repel the attack.

But something much bigger is going on.

The Russian Air Force has been buzzing about like crazy the past week.  Russians subs have launched missiles.  Russian Special Ops are hopping around Syria like rabbits in mating season.

The opposition is moving at an increased pace too.

It's like the race to Berlin, this time in the desert.

So what is the goal?

What piece of land is everyone trying to seize?

My readers think its the oil field highlighted above.  Personally I don't know but thanks to them for the idea and info. This thing is winding down.  We could be seeing new lines drawn on the map.

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