Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Joint India-US Military Exercise – Yudh Abhyas "Training For War"...this is why ops tempo is out of control!

Three things.

1.  Is it just me or does it look like Indian troops have some pretty antiquated battle rattle?  Those helmets look prehistoric and their webbing looks like its from the 60's.  They are a mysterious force.  They have nuclear weapons, first rate aircraft but it seems like their infantry is poorly equipped.  No hate, just stating what I'm seeing here.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

2.  One weekend I'm gonna catalog all the formal exercises that the US has run/will run with foreign nations this year.  If you want to know why the ops tempo is out of control then simply keep track of that number.  What I find amazing is that while they had a chance to rest and reset the force they've instead increased things.  I don't get it but that's what my eyeballs tell me.

3.  One other issue that dovetails with ops tempo.  Forward presence.  I don't believe that "concept" works.  Overseas bases just places US forces in areas where they can be destroyed in place if a sudden war breaks out.  It's almost like they're trying to do the ink blot strategy from Vietnam on a global scale.  It won't work and its another reason why the force is being artificially worn out.  Someone needs to get a handle on things.  If "forward presence" is the way we're going then I guarantee you'll see a replay of that concept like we had in the early stages of WW2.  US garrisons being overrun.

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