Thursday, September 14, 2017

NATO Chief talks N. Korea with Sputnik

via Sputnik.
"We have stepped up our analysis, our monitoring of the situation in the region of the development of nuclear weapons and missiles in North Korea. We are enhancing our cooperation with partners in the region, especially South Korea and Japan. We have had several meetings with our partners in NATO over the last months," Stoltenberg said.
Wow.  I'm still amazed that NATO is somehow becoming involved in events on the other side of the planet.  The charter is expanding and I'd like to know exactly how far NATO reaches now and what are the limits (if any) that exist on military planning/involvement.

Then this.
 Asked if North Korea was capable of attacking the United States, Stoltenberg said: "They are in the process of developing those kinds of capabilities. And that's exactly why this is of great concern, not only for the United States and NATO but for the whole international community. This is a threat to international peace and security. It's a global threat, and it has to be met with a global response."
Story here. 

Interesting isn't it.

A news organization that the FBI has labeled a mouthpiece of the Kremlin has gotten an exclusive interview with the NATO Chief.

Not only fascinating but awesome.

The rationale for NATO involvement in the N. Korea drama is sketchy as hell but at least he attempts to explain it.

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