Saturday, September 09, 2017

Navantia's LCM-1E incapable of transporting Australian M1A1 MBTs?

Thanks to Gerard for the link!

via The Australian.
A Spanish company vying for a $30 billion Navy ship building contract is using a Youtube video to imply its landing craft can carry Australia’s heavy tanks despite the boat sinking too low in water when the armoured vehicle was put on board.

Navantia, one of three contenders for Australia’s $30 billion Future Frigates contract, has a contract worth about $240 million to supply Australia with 12 landing craft supposedly capable of carrying the army’s 62 tonne M1A1 Abrams tanks.

Defence has since confirmed trials of the boats had to be suspended after they sank to low in the water when the 62 tonne Abrams was put on board.
Story here. 

Just plain wow.  The Aussies aren't even operating the heaviest version of the tank and the LCM-1E can't handle it?

This is one of those foreign systems that I've been lusting after and hoping that the USN/USMC would adopt.


Not only no but hell no!

Even worse?

They're trying to make up for the bad news NOT with engineering improvements but thru an ad campaign?

Navantia just lost all kinds of cool points with me.

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