Friday, September 01, 2017

NorthCom Commander ignores 4th AABn and talks about the 26th MEU sailing in...if needed! Messaging FAIL!

The 4th Marines Amphibious Assault Battalion is in Houston and Galveston doing good work.

The people on the ground shout "That's the Marines" when they see those big green vehicles drive by.

We've seen pics of them transporting victims of the floods and I'm sure they're involved in the ongoing search and survey of the area.

So why did I just watch the NorthCom Commander at a press conference with the Governor of Texas rattle off everything every other service had and is contributing to the effort and when she got around to the Marines it was..."The Navy is sending the amphibious ship Kearsarge with the 26th Marines, if needed. IF needed"!

This is a total message fail.

Marines were on the ground and instead of beating our drum, we're gonna be an afterthought.

The world's greatest propaganda machine is failing.

The problem isn't just that we might be missing a chance to burn ourselves into the memory of the American people by word (having the NorthCom Commander speak the fuck up would well as Marine Corps spokesmen) and the deeds of the 4th AABn, but institutionally too.

FEMA needs to have it burned into their thick skulls that when called the Marine Corps will respond.  Every state governor should have that same message inserted into their brain housing groups.

I hope I'm wrong but this focus on an aviation centric Marine Corps is wrecking us across the include messaging to the public.

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