Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Politics Talk. Trump's DACA move was brilliant on a couple of levels...

By now you've heard about Trump's decision on DACA.  All weekend we saw interviews was college students, public servants, first responders and small business owners.

They brought out the best and brightest of this demographic to make the case but even with all that the basics of the issue remain the same.  Whether it was by their own choice or their parents they broke the law.

The strawman that we need to come up with a comprehensive solution to the issue is correct.  But an executive order that basically grants amnesty (even though its conditional) is NOT the way to do things.

The stark reality?  Humanity, happy feelings and public perception should NEVER take a back seat to the rule of law.

What do I mean?  Take a murderer for example.  When they commit the crime they're at their most savage.  No mercy (obviously), only filled with bloodlust.  So what happens at trial?  They're dressed up in their sunday best, friends and family are paraded in front of the jury and we're told (in my way of saying things) that the person had an "oh shit" moment and that the law should cut them a break.


It ignores the pain of the family AND it ruins the social contract.

That's what DACA was doing.  That's what our current immigration stance is doing.  It's prioritizing the illegal over the native born.

That can't continue.

But even better with this move by Trump is that he's put Congress in their place.  McCain was widely patted on the back declaring that Congress is an equal branch of the govt and SHOULD NOT be subservient to the President.

Well guess what McCain fans.

Now you have your chance.

A campaign promise was fulfilled and Congress gets to do more than just sit on the sideline and talk shit.  They have to roll up their sleeves and do work.

It was a brilliant move.  Plus he isn't tweeting like an idiot today.  Maybe, just maybe the dude is FINALLY getting his sea legs.

We'll see.

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