Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Questions asked about relief efforts in Puerto Rico...just as predicted...

via Defense News.
Two U.S. Navy ships, National Guard, Air National Guard, Reserve troops and Army helicopters are providing aid to Puerto Rico. But questions are mounting over whether the U.S. is doing enough for its territory and people, who are American citizens.

To date, the amphibious assault ship Kearsarge and dock landing ship Oak Hill have “conducted eight medical evacuations, 148 airlifts and delivered 44,177 [pounds] of relief supplies and cargo to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands,” U.S. Northern Command said in a statement.

U.S. forces have also restored a mobile communications tower at St. Thomas International Airport to enable the airport to receive additional aircraft to evacuate residents.

The amphibious assault ship Wasp has been conducting similar rescues in Dominica, but that ship will be departing the region to head to the Pacific, where it will eventually relieve the Bonhomme Richard, a Navy official said.

Approximately 2,600 U.S. military personnel and National Guard members are currently involved in Hurricane Maria relief efforts, the Pentagon said.
Story here.

Predictable as hell.  I told you that the Marine Corps was pushing its "aviation centric" concept in this disaster relief effort and I told you that it would come up short.

Consider this exhibit number one.

Additionally it must be pointed out that I stated that the NorthCom Commander was in over her head.

Consider this exhibit number two.

Long short?

The efforts in Texas and Florida was bolstered by citizens stepping up.  In Puerto Rico?  Not so much. The other factors involved here can't be overlooked either.  That govt is a basket case of corruption, undisciplined spending and financial chaos in general all mixed with crushing poverty.

That will be the talking point that is used to excuse the poor reaction by our military to this emergency.

But make no mistake about it.  NorthCom failed.  The Marine Corps concept failed.  It's past time to make some course corrections.  In the case of NorthCom just fire the lady.  She had one job and she screwed it up.

In the case of the Marine Corps?  Dump this aviation centric nonsense and return to a balanced force.  Even in the relatively benign realm of disaster response the limited manning and focus on aviation has shown itself to be wanting...or you can stay the course and see the military continue to fail.

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